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Keep Better Books

 Servicing Accountants and their Clients

Services & Products

Services for Accountants

Having extensive experience with a wide variety of companies and occupations over the years, we've fine-tuned our approach.

We establish and maintain a set of books that:

  • balances all bank accounts
  • is correctly allocated for tax purposes
  • identifies Cash In and Out
  • provides debtors and creditors totals if required
  • correctly identifies PAYG Tax and Super payable
  • separates out any Capital items
  • provides copy invoices of Capital
  • separates documents for HP/Lease/Chattel Mortgage items
  • identifies the correct GST to pay/claim back
  • can be supplied as a separate CFM or Xero file
  • or in paper form if required
  • or as a converted file in your choice of Accountant's General Ledger Format (eg MYOB Accountants, Handiledger, etc.)

Services for Business Owners

In determining the right bookkeeping solution, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have multiple bank accounts and/or credit card accounts? Have you mixed your personal expenses with your business transactions? Can you easily determine which clients have paid and those still outstanding? And finally, are you currently able to extract this and more information efficiently in order to fulfil your taxation obligations?

Most of us would like to think so, but the simple fact is, if you haven't kept your books soundly, it's a very time consuming process to reach that all important end result.

We would like to show you how to set-up your books and achieve an ongoing result with minimal fuss.


- Cashflow Manager

- Xero



- in house and onsite

- telephone consultation